This campaign is to provide help, mentorship and direction to the industry colleagues whoare facing a hard time due to the current scenario. Idea is to listen to them and try to motivate them and help as much as possible or discuss the problem among the group of volunteers and provide a solution.

Volunteers will donate 1 hour in a week to be available and talk to anyone who sign’s up for this program. Our volunteer will help with advise, direction, mentorship or suggestions.

This campaign is open for any individual from the Meetings Industry to donate their time and help other people win.

Use of Social media will help get the message out to everyone. Below are the social media images which you can use to let people know of the campaign


Follow @MtgsMeanBizIN on Twitter. Use the hashtag #IWANTTOHELPYOU when tweeting about this campaign and tag @MtgsMeanBizIN and your organisation twitter handle.


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Show your support

Whether you’re Volunteering or supporting the #IWANTTOHELPYOU Campaign, we’d love to see you show your support! We’ve created some email signature badges that you’re welcome to utilise for your social media post. Remember to tag us on twitter @MtgsMeanBizIN and LinkedIN page Meetings Mean Business India. Download the creative below.